About Morgan Collars

Morgan Collars is named for and inspired by one special pup... me!

My name is Morgan. I'm the resident spokes-doggy and your host here at MorganCollars.com!

Morgan Collars started out when my Mom-Lady, Cynthia, wanted to find something special for me to wear when I outgrew my first puppy collar. We wanted something fun, but made for a boy. Everybody always thinks I'm a girl, so I need something studly! Anyways, after looking for a long time, Mom-Lady finally decided to take matters into her own paws, err, hands. The result was the very first Morgan Collar, all for me! Then she made another, and another. It wasn't long before all my friends started getting jealous of my new collars, so Mom-Lady made collars for all of them, too! Then my friends told their friends, and their friends told... well, you get the idea. Since she's been making so many collars, I told Mom-Lady that should should make a website so everybody could see, and here we are!

Please enjoy your stay here at MorganCollars.com, and remember to check back for new collars often! If you have any questions about the site, feel free to email me, Morgan, at morgan@morgancollars.com

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About Our Products

Here at Morgan Collars, we have a growing variety of collars to suite your dog's personal style!

We currently make collars in 1-inch and 3/4-inch nylon widths.
We can now make 1/2-inch nylon collars for small dogs
AND 2-inch wide martingale collars!

All collars pictured below are available at the store unless otherwise noted.

Quick-release collars are available with either plastic or metal buckles. Plastic buckles are sturdy and light-weight. Metal buckles are extra-tough for dogs that test the limits! All buckles are curved for greater wearing comfort. Quick-release collars include a nickel-plated, welded steel D-ring.

(click on images for larger view)

Plastic Quick-Release
Buckle Collars

in 3/4" (Pink Dots) and
1" (Doggie Bones) nylon widths

Metal Quick-Release
Buckle Collars

in 3/4" (Little Ladybugs) and
1" (Pink Dots) nylon widths


Martingale (or Double-Loop) collars are designed for dogs that have narrow heads and/or may have a tendency to slip out of normal buckle collars. These adjustable collars are made with nickel metal slides connections and a nickel-plated steel D-ring.

Martingale Collars
arranged by size (left to right):
1" Large (Holiday),
1" Medium (Blue Stripes),
3/4" Medium (Fall Stripes),
3/4" Small (Little Ladybugs)


Every Morgan Collar is available in multiple sizes. Our basic sizes available in the store are Small (10-14"), Medium (13-20"), and Large (18-28"). Custom sizes can be made on request!

Martingale Size Examples
See Above

1" Collar Size Examples
from left to right:
Large (Blue Stripes),
Medium (Doggie Bones),
Small (Dragonflies)

3/4" Collar Size Examples
from left to right:
Medium (Sage),
Small (Pink Dots)


Leashes are also available to match your Morgan Collars. Standard leashes are six feet in length and assembled with a heavy-duty snaphook and a wide, easy-to-hold handle loop.
Like collars, leashes are available in 3/4" and 1" nylon widths.

6ft Leash Examples
left: 3/4" wide (Look-At-Me Lilac)
right: 1" wide (Doggie Bones)


Custom products are available by request. I am always open for new ways to help suit the varied needs of different dogs. If you have any questions regarding custom designs, please email me at cynthia@morgancollars.com.



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Dec. 2, 2017 - As we make our move to Etsy, some of our products will be temporarily unavailable.

We thank you for your patience during this process!

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